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Cutting Tool Configurator

Cutting Tool Configurator




De Boer Tool

Tech Used

  • Three.js
  • WebGL
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript


For this project, I built the entire frontend application end-to-end, including everything seen in the video above. I developed an architecture that integrated Three.js and Vue.js, without sacrificing performance, by leveraging the strengths of each framework.

This was my first role after deciding to specialize in 3D web development, and although I could improve on many things visually, I am still proud of the product I made.


  1. Extremely fast loading time by pre-processing assets, using progressive loading, and using web workers
  2. Great support on desktop and mobile (even old and weak Android devices), various screen sizes, and all browsers
  3. Built from the ground up to have every feature work with a level of polish and responsiveness that is expected of a native application
  4. Leverages the strengths of the DOM and CSS, optimizing CPU usage, and using custom-built rendering techniques (seen from 3:49 to 4:42 and 5:29 to 5:51 in the video above)