Hi, I'm Brandon 👋

I'm a software engineer that values performance and design. I focus on computer graphics and web development. brandon.xyz is a website showcasing my professional journey and creative pursuits.

I like learning useful tools and fundamental concepts, and enjoy crafting code. As a developer with a computer science background, I primarily build with:

  • WebGL, WebGPU, WebAssembly, JavaScript, TypeScript, Three.js, Node.js, and of course, Git, HTML, and CSS

You can check out some of my work, or articles.



Updated Dec 30, 2023. This is a now page (or section, rather).

I'm still working on the brandon.xyz website, and recently I've been researching and learning neural networks and deep learning.

I posted a a development log video of a recent project I've been working on.

I have upcoming availability for work in October/November.